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Benj is a proven entrepreneur who values character, culture and innovation. He founded his first company 15 years ago as the strategist and visionary behind Syrup Marketing , where he has launched hundreds of brands for clients -- and seven additional operating companies of his own.

One constant runs through all that Benj does: he has a passion for creating amazing organizational culture … culture that pours into people; that develops and sustains them.

Notably, he brings that heart to his family, too -- his wife of 20 years and their four young children!

Benj’s EOS journey started with an implementation during a merger of two of his companies. It was such a success that he implemented at all of his other companies, then created , one of the two licensed EOS software platforms, co-founded & co-host the and is now helping others do the same as an EOS Implementer.

Current Company Portfolio:



Sweet Clarity. Sticky Marketing. We grow your company in maturity and revenue.



Love where you work. We create workplaces that strengthen culture and inspire growth.



Fermented is a neighborhood wine boutique that specializes in craft wines.

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